To develop some of the world’s finest ideas, projects and visions and translate them into reality.

To excel in the best and most innovative, creative ideas for solving some of mankind’s main problems as well as in individual areas enhancing the quality of life.

Z-VISIONS is an enterprise founded and personally owned and managed by visionary personality, scholar, former staff of International Organisations, consultant, innovator, inventor, philosopher and visionary entrepreneur


Dr. Hans Albrecht Freiherr von Zedlitz und Neukirch, MA, PhD.

Arrow Personal leadership: born in Germany (see with wide international experience as a scholar and independent Consultant (see for many years having worked and lived in 36 countries of our Planet.

Arrow Z-Visions builds on a small but dedicated team of collaborators and on a network of partners,  sponsors and stakeholders who share similar aspirations.

Arrow Z-V is concerned with some of the most
innovative ideas, projects and inventions and their realization.

Z-VISONS currently started its operations and is in the process to build up a team of collaborators, and a network of partners, sponsors and stakeholders.

This is a unique moment in the evolution of the enterprise to join in. For most projects, contracts of exclusivity can still be entered into.


The head office is located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany but the Founder and President/ CEO of  Z-VISIONS is traveling frequently to other countries, so the best way to get in contact with him is by email.

It is planned to open offices in other locations shortly.

Z-Visions is securing major partners, investors and stakeholders for the most exclusive project of „Paradise on Earth“ at the moment (website of and

Don’t m iss this rare opportunity to be among the first to participate in this most exclusive and unique project on planet Earth! The projected investment volume is 2.75 billion USD.

Pre-investment agreements and very first shares (at 10% discounted future value) with exclusivity clause can still be granted at this moment.




All work areas, projects, ideas and inventions can not be listed here, but some of the most important undertakings due for realization may be named here:

1. By far the most important and top project is the realization of „Paradise on Earth“ project (websites and which aims at constructing a paradisial residential colony as a model of the 3rd Millenium securing longest-term survival in harmony with the biosphere of our Planet by applying completely CO2 emission free high technology solutions to renewable energy production systems in a setting of a leisure-time oriented innovative cultural system (estimated investment cost of US$ 2.75 billion)

2. Two patented inventions comprise consumer products, an innovative male underwear and a new type of pleasure furniture, with huge market potential

3. Production of world music which uses sophisticated polyrhythms and originally composed tunes with the potential of becoming global hits are next on the list

5. Other projects which can be mentioned here are: design of an innovative restaurant; design of an innovative form of a residence, design of the best spa of the world, and an exclusive club for persons born under the astrological sign of „Pisces“ (20th February to 20th March).

6. Many other projects and very creative unique new ideas which can not be disclosed here to keep their exclusivity.


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