All work areas, projects, ideas and inventions can not be listed here, but some of the most important undertakings due for realization may be named here:

1. By far the most important and top project is the realization of „Paradise on Earth“ (Futopia) project (websites and under construction) which aims at constructing a model colony for a new paradigm of longest-term survival in harmony with the environment and biosphere of our Planet Earth and using high technology solutions to the energy and production systems in a completely CO2 emission free setting and comprising a new socio-cultural system for the pursue of happiness (estimated investment cost between US$ 1.5 and 2.5 billion depending on the scale)

2. Two patented inventions comprise consumer products, an innovative male underwear and a marital aid and pleasure system with huge market potential

3. Composition of a world music song with the potential of becoming a hit is next on the list

4. Other projects which can be mentioned here are: design of an innovative restaurant; design of an innovative form of a residence, design of the best spa of the world

5. Many other projects and very creative unique new ideas which can not be disclosed here to keep their exclusivity.



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